An open source firmware for the Pinetime

Source code, releases and documentation available on Github.



Infinitime is an open source firmware for the Pinetime smartwatch. It is written in modern C++ and based on FreeRTOS.

  • Open source : released under the GPLv3 license
  • BLE communication
  • Rich user interface via display, touchpanel and push button
  • Time synchronization via BLE
  • Notification via BLE
  • Heart rate measurements
  • Step counting
  • Wake-up on wrist rotation
  • Quick actions
    • Disable vibration on notification
    • Brightness settings
    • Flashlight
    • Settings
  • 2 watch faces:
    • Digital
    • Analog
  • Multiple ‘apps’ :
    • Music (control the playback of the music on your phone)
    • Heart rate (controls the heart rate sensor and display current heartbeat)
    • Navigation (displays navigation instructions coming from the companion app)
    • Notification (displays the last notification received)
    • Paddle (single player pong-like game)
    • Two (2048 clone game)
    • Stopwatch (with all the necessary functions such as play, pause, lap, stop)
    • Motion sensor and step counter (displays the number of steps and the state of the motion sensor in real-time)
  • User settings:
    • Display timeout
    • Wake-up condition
    • Time format (12/24h)
    • Default watch face
    • Battery status
    • Firmware validation
    • System information
  • Supported by 3 companion apps (development is in progress):
  • OTA (Over-the-air) update via BLE
  • Bootloader based on MCUBoot

Latest Post

May 21, 2021

InfiniTime 1.1.0 “Dragon Fruit”

Download and release note on Github Please read the release note on the project repository !