An open source firmware for the Pinetime

Source code, releases and documentation available on Github.



Infinitime is an open source firmware for the Pinetime smartwatch. It is written in modern C++ and based on FreeRTOS.

  • Open source : released under the GPLv3 license
  • BLE communication
  • Rich user interface via display, touchpanel and push button
  • Time synchronisation, notifications and music control via BLE
  • Multiple ‘apps’ :
    • Clock (displays the date, time, battery level, ble connection status, heart rate and step count)
    • System info (displays various info : BLE MAC, build date/time, uptime, version,…)
    • Brightess (allows the user to configure the brightness of the display)
    • Music (control the playback of the music on your phone)
  • Supported by 2 companion apps (developpments ongoing):
    • Gadgetbridge (on Android)
    • Amazfish (on SailfishOS)
  • [Experimental] OTA (Over-the-air) update via BLE
  • [Experimental] Bootloader based on MCUBoot

Latest Post

Sep 20, 2020

I received my PineTime devkit, now what?

Picture by First of all, congratulations! I hope you’ll have a lot of fun coding, hacking and building projects around the PineTime. About the devkit The Pinetime is built around the NRF52832 SoC supporting Bluetooth low energy (BLE). It is a ARM Cortex-M4 CPU running at 64Mhz and equipped with 512KB of flash memory, and 64KB of RAM memory. PineTime also embeds a LCD display, a touchpanel, a button, a vibrator, a heart rate sensor and a motion sensor. Read more