An open source firmware for the Pinetime

Source code, releases and documentation available on Github.



Infinitime is an open source firmware for the Pinetime smartwatch. It is written in modern C++ and based on FreeRTOS.

  • Open source : released under the GPLv3 license
  • BLE communication
  • Rich user interface via display, touchpanel and push button
  • Time synchronization via BLE
  • Notification via BLE
  • Heart rate measurements
  • Step counting
  • Wake-up on wrist rotation
  • Quick actions
    • Disable vibration on notification
    • Brightness settings
    • Flashlight
    • Settings
  • 2 watch faces:
    • Digital
    • Analog
  • Multiple ‘apps’ :
    • Music (control the playback of the music on your phone)
    • Heart rate (controls the heart rate sensor and display current heartbeat)
    • Navigation (displays navigation instructions coming from the companion app)
    • Notification (displays the last notification received)
    • Paddle (single player pong-like game)
    • Two (2048 clone game)
    • Stopwatch (with all the necessary functions such as play, pause, lap, stop)
    • Motion sensor and step counter (displays the number of steps and the state of the motion sensor in real-time)
  • User settings:
    • Display timeout
    • Wake-up condition
    • Time format (12/24h)
    • Default watch face
    • Battery status
    • Firmware validation
    • System information
  • Supported by 3 companion apps (development is in progress):
  • OTA (Over-the-air) update via BLE
  • Bootloader based on MCUBoot

Latest Post

Jun 20, 2021

InfiniTime 1.2.0 “Blue-purple Elderberry”

Download and release note on Github I wasn’t planning on releasing InfiniTime 1.2.0 so soon, as many interesting features are in the work right now. But, as we announced in Pine64 monthly update, the factory cannot source the accelerometer (BMA421) anymore. As an alternative, they propose to use the BMA425 instead. This new sensor is very similar (it actually support more built-in features) but needed a few minor modifications to the driver (we need to take into account the new chip ID of the BMA425, for example). Read more